About Chadwick Studios
Make an impact! At Chadwick Studios, we do more than make great art, we create what our clients imagine. For more than 25 years, we've been servicing Indiana with outstanding creativity.

All artwork viewed on this website  was created by me ( Darron Chadwick ) and only me.

About The Artist
Award winning artist Darron Chadwick creates thematic representations of ancient civilizations, cultures, and traditions. Aesthetically, his creations have a contemporary presence but also retain a rich, timeworn flavor as a result of the three-dimensional equivalents of calligraphic inscriptions incorporated into each piece. Further, these images not only evoke visual and perceptual depth but imply intellectual depth as well.

Darron has been producing art professionally for over twenty-two years and has thus, developed numerous artistic styles. These styles include the stunning “Abstract Series”, the depth-seeking Architectural Abstract Series, the whimsical “Blockheads”, and, his most recent endeavor, “The Antiquity series” which explores primitive civilizations and relic forms. He claims influence not from other artists but rather from his curiosity of the unknown and the mystical. His work often follows his early interests in archaeology, space and texture.






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